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Reg.No.683/1994, St.Peter's Orthodox Church, Pulickalkavala, Vazhoor
The Trust was inaugurated at the occasion of a grand reception to Dr.Mathews Mar Severios, metropolitan of the Diocese of Kandanad of the Malankara Orthodox Church, organized by the general public at Vazhoor under the initiative of St.Peter's Orthodox Church Vazhoor in which the bishop is a parish member. The intention was to begin a project for the welfare of the poor and the marginalized of the society in memory of this reception. Dr.Mathews Mar Severios is its president .The Vicar of St. Peter's Orthodox Church is its Vice President. There are 17 other members constituting its Governing Board together with the members of the Managing Committee of the parish as ex-officio. There are 40 life time members for this Trust. The initial capital of the Trust was a donation of Rs.1,10,000 from Mr. Varghese C. Skariah ,Vazhakala Chirayil ,Pulickalkavala in loving memory of his father C. Skariah. The memersip fees and other donations are added to the capital amount. The bank interest accrued and occasional donations from the well wishers are used for the recurring expenses of the trust.
Few Annual Activities of the Trust since 1994.
1. At the annual festival of the St.Peter's Orthodox Church cloths are distributed to 100 persons, poor and aged.
2. Tailoring machines (maximum 5) are distributed to poor women for their daily earning.
3. School uniforms and umbrellas are distributed to poor students in the local lower primary schools.
4. Deserving poor patients are given financial help at their dire need like operations or cancer treatment.
5. Poor Nursing students (maximum 5) are given a monthly scholarship of Rs.500 for three years.
6. Total 160 women were given embroidery training with the help of the State Government in 2004 at St. Dionesius Centre at Vazhoor out of which 100 of them were given tailoring machines freely.
7. On 31st July 2007 about 4500 kilograms of rice were distributed to 450 families of the locality affected seriously by "Chikkungunia".