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Welcome to The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, Diocese of Kandanad West - Next Big Event:

Mar Pachomios Charitable Society

God blessed us, the Diocese of Kandanad West, to participate in the up growing awareness of social commitment of the Malankara Orthodox Church through formulating 'Mar Pachomios charitable society' registered under Indian Charitable Society Act with No. ER 595/1994. H.H.The Catholicose and Malankara Metropolitan of the Malankara Orthodox Church is its Patron and Dr. Mathews Mar Severios, The Metropolitan of the Diocese of Kandanad West is its President. The general body of the society includes all those who have taken Life Membership and Ordinary Membership. The society has a Governing Board of 18 elected and nominated members from the general body together with the Members of the Diocesan Council as ex officio members. The daily affairs of the society are handled by the President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Society aims at social welfare activities in the fields of Education, service to the downtrodden and destitute irrespective of cast and creed. The membership is open to all citizens of India. It has exhibited its commitment in establishing and running ten institutions in this field. They are Pratheeksha Bhavan, Prasanthi Bhavan, Prathyasa Bhavan, Pradanam Centre, Pramodam Project, Prasannam Bhavan, Prakasam Institute, Prabhatham, Prapalanam and Prasantham.

12 Institutions running under Mar Pachomios Charitable Society

This is a care home for life to the poor and destitute women who are mentally challenged and physically handicapped, a monument to the late metropolitan of blessed memory Joseph Mar Pachomios(+19th August 1991) of the Diocese of Kandanad.The foundation stone of Pratheeksha Bhavan was laid on 16th May 1993 by H.G.Mathews Mar Severios,Metropolitan of the Diocese of Kandanad at Palakuzha Catholicate Centre near Koothattukulam, in the Ernakulam District ,about 15 KM south of Muvattupuzha in the M.C road and 43 KM north of Kottayam. The Land belongs to the Malankara Orthodox church. The St.Gregorios Orthodox Youth League of the St. Gregorios Orthodox Church, Muscat in 1993 contributed Rs. One Lakh initiating the project .On 17th March, 1994 H.H. Baselios Marthoma Mathews II, the Catholicos blessed the beginning of the construction. The wholehearted financial help and support from St. Thomas Orthodox Church -Dubai, St. George Orthodox Church -Abu Dhabi, St. Gregorios Orthodox Church -Sharjah, and Congregation at Al-Ain in 1994, St.Thomas Orthodox Cathedral, Madras in 1995 helped us to inaugurate the functioning of Pratheeksha Bhavan on14th January, 1996 admitting five inmates. Since then the glorious and divine ministry of serving the needs of the mentally challenged women is being perpetuated by the dedicated Sisters of St. Mary's Convent, Kizhakkambalam.Continued help from the members of the above parishes as well as Orthodox parishes in Kerala, St .Stephen's Orthodox Church Gandhidham, St. Mary's Orthodox Church, Bahrain, St.Gregorios Church at London, St. Thomas Church at Houston, Orthodox Church at Singapore, parishes of our Kandanad Diocese through daily donating Box Collection helped us to complete the construction of the two storied building with aluminum roof overhead in 1998. At present we have 44 inmates served by 8 staff members under the dedicated leadership of Rev. Sr. Ruth and Sr. Grace from Kizhakambalam convent.

We have transferred 4 inmates to Karunalayam at Adupputty and 4 inmates to Ashabhavan at Othara which are our sister institutions similarly taking care of the mentally challenged women. Inmates are involved in job orientation under the direction of our staff in making Candles, Soaps, Umbrellas and other handicrafts like tailoring and making fancy items. They are also involved in agriculture cultivating various items in their daily food in very limited land .They maintain a good garden. They have every day Physical exercises as well as sports and games.

They participate every year in the district sports for the special schools at Ernakulam and win prizes. Every year they have arranged tour to various important sights seeing in Kerala. August 15th or nearing Sunday will be their annual celebrations in which they perform various cultural activities very similar to other normal people. Every day they have prayers at Morning, Noon, Evening and Bedtime. They observe all the Lents and fasting and every Saturday and Sunday they participate in Holy Qurbana. Their health care is done voluntarily by Drs. Roy Cherian, Leena Cherian, and Dental Surgeon Dr. Siju.

There are many well wishers who regularly visits Pratheeksha Bhavan from India and abroad including Church Dignitaries, Social workers and spiritual organizations of various religious institutions as well as secular clubs. Each and every one of them contribute generously for the welfare of the inmates like feasts on special occasions(birth day, wedding anniversary ,Christmas Easter, Onam, Wedding, memorial days of parents or other relatives, Baptism, New house blessing, Job promotions, healing from diseases etc.),agricultural products and provisions. There are many well wishers who have sponsored the inmates contributing Rs.10, 000 for the expense of one inmate every year. We are happy to note that our 'Pratheeksha Family'is well secured in the merciful hands of Almighty God.

Our second social welfare project, Prasanthi Bhavan was envisaged to be a Hospice Centre to take care for life terminally ill patients who are poor and destitute. The institution is dedicated as a monument to the blessed memory of H.H. Baselios Paulose I, (Murimattathil Bava) the first Catholicos of the Malankara Orthodox Church(1912) after administering ably the Diocese of Kandanad as its first Metropolitan(1987-1912) in its most troublesome years. H.B. Thomas Mar Thimotheos, the then Catholicos Designate laid the foundation stone of Prasanthi Bhavan on 12th January 1997 in the land owned by our Church at Kadayiruppu near Kolencherry, the native place of Murimattathil Bava. The ground floor of the two storied building designed to accommodate 80 patients is being constructed by the financial help from the various Parishes of the Malankara Orthodox Church at Bahrain, Doha, Singapore, U.S.A. and other gulf countries as well as from those all over India. Except for the other infra structure we take care of about 20 patients at present.

The Chapel dedicated to St.Geevarghese Mar Dionesius serves the spiritual needs of the inmates through Rev .Fr. John Thenungal, Vicar and Director of the institution. Dedicated Sisters from Adupputty St. Mary Magdalene Convent and Othara St. Mary's Convent served here previously. At present under the dedicated leadership of the retired Nursing Superintendent Sr. Leelamma, Valakom there are 8 staffs including 4 medically qualified nurses in the service to the patients. Dr. C.T Abraham daily visits the institution and takes care of the patients. There are many who visit this institution regularly participating in services and donating feasts for the inmates on special occasions especially from Kolenchery and the neighborhoods as well as priests and other Church dignitaries from various localities in Kerala. There are many who contribute food items and sanitary items regularly to the institution. Christmas and Easter are celebrated here with the company of many well wishers bringing special comfort and consolation to the patients. We need to complete the first floor of this centre to extend our service to more needy destitute terminally ill patients in the near future. At present our reading room is converted to the daily worship. We have to construct also a separate Chapel for worship.

Life long welfare of the mentally challenged and physically disabled 50 men is the scope of this institution. H.H. Baselios Marthoma Mathews II Catholicos of blessed memory laid the foundation stone of this care home at South Piramadom near Pampakuda on10th January 1999. This third care home under the Mar Pachomios Charitable Society of the Diocese of Kandanad is a monument to H.H. Baselios Augen I of blessed memory, the 4th Catholicos of Malankara Orthodox Church (1964-1975) and the former Metropolitan of the diocese of Kandanad (1927-1964) who spent much time at Pampakuda for his theological training and scholarship in Syrian Orthodox tradition under Konat Mathen Malpan. Because of the dire need from the parents of the applicants we were forced to begin Prathyasa Bhavan temporarily in a rented building at North Piramadom with 7 inmates since 21st March 2001 before completing even the ground floor of the Prathyasa Bhavan. By the grace of God with the earnest prayers and cooperation of benevolent people from all over the world we could complete the construction of the two storied building with aluminum overhead roof and we hope we can complete the admission to 50 inmates.

Prathyasa Bhavan has a very good Chapel dedicated to the Sts. Baselios and Gregorios, the Cappadocian Fathers of the 3rd Century A.D. All the Prayers of Canonical Hours and Holy Qurbana on every Sunday are celebrated here by the dedicated leadership of the priests in our diocese. Members of Mar Augen Ashram take care the daily affairs of Prathyasa Bhavan. H.G. Mathews Mar Severios resides here and administers directly with the help of the fulltime warden Mr. M. A. Scariah and other 6 dedicated workers. There are voluntary workers who come and participate with us on special occasions. Though we are in receipt of many applications from parents of the mentally challenged men, we are unable to admit them due to the shortage of dedicated workers to look after them. So we welcome all those find it as a divine call to live for these people of God, even on salary basis. We have three specially trained teachers in this field though they are now undergoing seminary education. The inmates' daily routines include prayers, physical exercises, ablutions, agriculture, livestock care, making candles and soap powder recreations etc. They participate every year in the district sports for the special schools and win prizes. Every year they go for one day tour programme to different interesting places. There are dedicated doctors of our neighborhood visit Prathyasa Bhavan and care for the health of the inmates. Feasts are given to the inmates from many benevolent friends on special occasions.

This project, originally known as Good Samaritan centre, serves as a guidance centre dedicated to the patients who undergo treatment at Medical College Hospital at Kolenchery and elsewhere. This was officially inaugurated by H.G Paulose Mar Milithios, the then Catholicos Designate Metropolitan of the diocese of Kunnamkulam.on 2nd March 2003 during the Diocesan Day celebrations at Kadayiruppu near Kolencherry together with the consecration and inauguration of the Prasanthi Bhavan. The project is a monument to the 125thJubilee of the Diocese of Kandanad also to perpetuate the blessed memory of H.H. Baselios Marthoma Mathews I the 5thCatholicos and Malankara Metropolitan who had a special concern care for the Diocese of Kandanad in its days of hard troubles and court cases. The office of this project functions at St. Peter's and St. Paul's Catholicate Centre, Kolenchery. Free medicines are distributed as well as meeting the cost of various medical tests and minor operations amounting to Rs.5, 000 per day to patients who have no financial means to afford the treatment.

Rev.Fr. C. M. Kuriakose is the present director of the Centre. Patients who bring proper recommendation from reliable persons with doctor's certificate about treatment in any hospital will be given help from the centre through medicines according to doctor's prescription or cheque to the hospital where the patient is undergoing treatment. Never cash is distributed from the centre. We have not accumulated money especially for this purpose except through the benevolent people who contribute to this purpose out of their gratitude to God in receiving from Him special grace. There are many who regularly contribute not less than Rs.1000 to this purpose on their birth days becoming one among the Good Samaritans of our project. Those who donate to this purpose are remembered on their birth days in the Holy Qurbana in the Kolenchery Catholicate Centre. Birth day cards will be sent to these Good Samaritans on their birth days.

This is a special project initiated in November 2005 to distribute food every day to the poor inpatients in the Government Hospitals with in the premises of our diocese of Kandanad. Every day we prepare rice with curries at our diocesan centre, Meempara under the supervision of Rev.Fr. O P. Varghese, Manager and distribute at 11 "Government hospitals, in the vehicles owned by the Mar Pachomios Charitable Society at Muvattupuzha, Valakom, Kadayiruppu, Vadavucodu, Thodupuzha, Ramamangalam, Piravom, Pampakkuda, Mulanthuruthy, Pandappilly and Koothattukulam. Altogether about 700 patients receive free food every day through this project. We need every day Rs.7000 especially for this project. It is a miracle that this project is welcomed by every body and many well wishers contribute Rs. 7000 every day for this project and by the grace of God not even for a single day we lacked money for this food distribution since November 1995 till today. We are supported through money and prayers for the smooth running of this project by many people all over the world.

The sixth venture of Mar Pachomios Charitable Society is the Prasannam Mental Health Care Centre. The project is intended to take care of the destitute mental patients for life and to provide other needy mental patients for day's care or short term care. The foundation stone for a two storied building was laid by H.B. Paulose Mar Milithios Metropolitan, the then Catholicos Designate of the Malankara Orthodox Church on 9th December 2007 at Karikodu Mar Baselios Mar Gregorios Catholicate Centre, near Velloor News Print Factory. We intend to accommodate 50 inpatients .Mr. K.A John, member of our Perva St.Mary's Catholicose Centre is entrusted with the supervision of the construction. We hope to complete the first phase of the building as soon as possible and admit 20 patients at the initial stage.

This is the 7th project of Mar Pachomios Charitable Society. The institute is inaugurated by H.H Baselios Marthoma Didymos 1, on 7th December 2008 in Prathyasa Bhavan, South Piramadom during the Diocesan day celebrations of the Diocese of Kandanad West. The institute is intended to give training to the teachers for the training of Mentally Retarded Children. This will be a two-year diploma course approved by the Central Board of Special Education of India. The institution is waiting for getting No-Objection Certificate from Government of Kerala for its affiliation to the CBSE, India.

In our good old days, the children used to adore their parents and look after them with love and reverence. However, in present days, most of the old people, when they become non-earning members of the family or sick or invalid are neglected and sometimes thrown out of their houses even. They become burden to their own children who forget about the good things and sacrifices of their parents towards bringing them up and settling them in their life. Nobody is bothered to know what these old people actually require in the eves of their lives. Apart from the basic needs like shelter, food etc. It is the love, affection, and a few words of caress that these people expect from their children, which are totally lacking in most of the families whether rich or poor in our modern society.

Mainly due to the influence of external forces on our way of living and thinking and due to internal family problems, loosening of the family ties has become inevitable in our modern society. The old people who come from low and medium socio-economic status face the brunt of the situation. Helping old age are not a fancy but the dire necessities in our modern and society, at present and more so in future. Care Well Pension Project Prapalanan - started in 2010. This being our 8th project is mainly envisaged for giving a monthly pension of rupees 250 for the persons who are above 60. This project is started on 13/11/2010 .For the project we have separate application form to fill up. At present, we distribute Rs 250 each for 97 persons irrespective of cast and creed by this project from our Diocese through our parish priests.Apart from this, our intention is to prepare them to face the ultimate destiny boldly and peacefully by giving them counseling. We help the aged ones as a whole entity and not the symptoms of the disease only.


Computers have changed complete global scenario of work, business and professions. Today computers are widely used in each and every aspect of life. Knowledge of computer operation is widely recognized, not only to those who are seeking careers in the corporate or public sector, but also to entrepreneurs, small scale industrialists and those working in public activities. Nowadays, computer education is a mirage and wilderness to those students who are living below poverty line. PRABHATHAM undertakes this challenge by providing FREE computer education and placement to poor and brilliant students. PRABHATHAM Computer Centre has its mission to provide value-based computer education with the power of technology, innovation and excellent human resources.


PRABHATHAM Computer Centre is the 9th charitable project promoted by MAR PACHOMIOS CHARITABLE SOCIETY under the president ship of His Grace Dr. Mathews Mar Severios, Metropolitan of Diocese of Kandanadu west of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. On 10th February 2011 H. H. Baselios Marthoma Paulose II Catholicos inaugurated the Training programme at the Piravom Mar Gregorios Catholicate Centre of the Diocese of the Kandanad West.


PRABHATHAM occupies a special niche as an institution where admission of students is not linked with donations of any kind, fees of any kind, formal or informal reservations or quotas. Student who is living below poverty line is the sole criterion for admission to our courses. All courses are offered to poor students at free of cost, irrespective of cast and creed, both boys and girls. We have thirty students in the First Batch for the course.




Our courses are affiliated to the National Centre for Labour and Learning, Thiruvananthapuram. National Centre for Labour and Learning ( NACELL) is an autonomous registered body, an associate of KELSUN, an NGO to Government of India, an approved training centre for Social Welfare Department of Government of Kerala and included in India`s Development Information Network of the British Council of India.

Prasantham Centre, our 10th project is mainly envisaged for the Rehabilitation and Palliation for Cancer and HIV/AIDS Patients. Cancer and HIV/AIDS care often provides some medical treatment, but fails to address the Psychological and Social Problems associated with the illness. This failure can compromise the effectiveness of health care and thereby adversely affect the health of Cancer and Aids Patients. Psychological and Social problems created or exacerbated by Cancer and Aids including depression and other emotional problems; lack of information or skill needed to manage the illness; lack of transportation and other resources; and disruptions in work, school and family life-cause additional suffering, weaken adherence to prescribed treatments, and threaten patients return to health.

Arrange of services available to help patients and their families manage the psychosocial aspects of Cancer and Aids. Today it is not possible to deliver good quality Cancer and Aids care with out using existing approaches, tools and resources to address patients Physical and Psychological health needs. So through this project Mar Pachomios Charitable Society intended to use Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers and other trained staffs for giving proper care and support to the Cancer and HIV/AIDS patients to live a meaningful and happy life both through rehabilitation and house to house visits.

This project will be the Catholicate Centenary Project of the Malankara Orthodox Church in our Diocese of Kandanad West. We hope to lay foundation stone for this project in a land acquired near our St. Mary's Catholicate Centre, Peruva for the Malankara Orthodox Church on 11th February, 2012 by H. H. Baselios Marthoma Paulose II Catholicos.

The Prabodhanam Reference Library is situated at the Kolenchery Prasadam Center. It houses books and publications of various genres. All library content are available for reference to users regardless of any reservations. The library is also equipped with limited internet facilities available solely for research purposes. For more information, please contact; Fr. C M Kuriakose. Mob : 9447331270

Prapthy, the social-service oriented venture of the Mar Pachomios Charitable Society has been functioning since early 2014. To date, through the Prapthy initiative, it has been possible to reach out to the deprived and downtrodden in society. The Prapthy initiative aims towards social and financial upliftment and empowerment through the distribution of housing aid, educational aid as well as marriage aid. For more information, please contact Diocesan office.